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About Me

The most average Internet user you’ve ever seen.

I’ve been around since the dial-up Internet ages (and even a bit before that with dial-up BBS communities, which was awesome.

Why a personal website in the year 2024+?

I’m joining the trend of moving away from giant social media corporations holding, and profiting from, our data. While some things are more difficult than others to move away from, I can at least stop giving away the handy guides I make about random topics.

It was really the 3rd party API changes to Reddit that kick-started things for me. Another big change was all the tech personalities I follow started moving to services like Mastodon, Lemmy, and BlueSky after Twitter (now X) started to change. They started up their own blogs and I thought to myself, “Hey, I can do that. I used to!”.

Of course everything has changed and it’s a lot different now, for the better. There are so many CMS/Blog platforms to choose from so if my page changes a lot, that’s just me trying different things and themes. As of writing, I’m trying static site generators so I’m not tempted to install every plug-in and add-on under the Sun. subject to change

And so, here I am.