Palworld Questions and Answers

Palworld Question and Answers

Here’s a list of questions I had while playing Palworld. I’ll keep it short then long. Hope this helps!

These notes are for the Steam version of Palworld.

Where do I get Ancient Technology Points?

  • defeat/capture Alpha Pals
  • defeat bosses

You get them by defeating (or catching) Alpha Pals. You can also get them from defeating bosses.

How do I dump my inventory into a chest I’m interacting with?

  • press r (default key)

When you have the chest open, press the r button to send your inventory to the chest of items that already exist in the chest.

I found this very useful when I’m moving stone and wood around.


  • 09-FEB-24: Tech Points and Inventory Chests

Last modified on 2024-02-09