Tachiyomi, Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace, Tachiyomi

It’s been an eventful week in the world of Manga reading Android apps. I’ll spare you the finer details but the general timeline/idea from a non-dev (i.e. me) goes like this:

General Timeline

  1. Kakao, a Korean company, told Tachiyomi to stop serving copyrighted material
  2. Tachiyomi complied and removed all external sources from their application leaving it to be a local (or self) storage reader. read
  3. Everyone panics (readers and devs) and threats(!) were reportedly handed out.
  4. Tachiyomi announces it will no longer be actvely developed. it’s joever

My Take

I don’t blame them. If a huge company came at me like that for a side-hobby, I’d probably cut and run as well.

If they feel like it, they could even contribute to whatever successor comes up. One was announced within hours of their goodbye posting. Thank goodness for Open Source.

Thank you to all the developers involved with Tachiyomi. They really took it to the next level. I started using it when a different app stopped working well for me (Manga Watcher).

Where to from here?

This is honestly one of the apps keeping me on Android, instead of iOS.

There are already forks of the code and Discord servers of those projects. Jump into those if you want to see some fun panic and the same questions asked over and over again (you weirdo).

Everything still works until some major code change in Android and/or API changes for the sites that the extensions use (there are alternate sources for that too, but you’ll have to trust them).

At the very least, make a backup of your settings and save them somewhere. Maybe make a copy of that backup not on your phone/device.

settings > data and storage > create backup

Last modified on 2024-01-15